Treating Spinal Stenosis: Will Spinal Surgery Help?

Were you diagnosed with spinal stenosis? The condition can develop for different reasons, including an injury to the back that impacted the spine or herniated discs. When you have spinal stenosis, you will probably feel spinal pressure that causes a lot of discomfort. It does not just have a big impact on the spine itself, but also on all the other parts of your body that work with the spine, including your neck, legs, and arms. Read More 

Compounded Medications for Pets

An inner ear disturbance or the loss of fur, from either a chronic medical condition or a skin allergy, are two conditions that may require a veterinarian's care and a couple of doses of medication. Some medicines aren't commercially available or do not come in a form that can be adequately administered to a pet. In a situation like this, your dog's veterinarian may prescribe compounded medication. What Is a Compounded Medication and Is It Safe? Read More