How Yoga And Occupational Therapy Work Together To Facilitate Recovery

Some occupational therapists have recommended that patients use yoga as part of their rehabilitation process. Yoga cultivates both strength and awareness, which are both key abilities to develop after a health crisis such as a stroke. Yoga can especially be helpful for children recovering from a health disaster. Retraining the Neurological System The cat or crow position can be useful for patients who struggle to use one side of their body. Read More 

The Way You Wear Your Shoes Might Be Contributing To Running Injuries

As a runner, you're probably well aware of the importance of choosing the right shoes for your foot type and running stride. However, it's not just the shoes that you wear that contribute to your risk of running injuries—it's also the way you wear them. Here's a look at three common mistakes that runners make when it comes to their shoes, and how you can avoid them. Lacing the shoes too tightly across the top of the foot. Read More 

Things To Do Before And After Getting A Deep Tissue Massage

When the toxins are released from your muscles through manipulation, they're released through your body and circulated via oxygen and blood. You don't want the wastes circulating around your body, it's important to prepare yourself before the massage and perform a few steps after the treatment as well. It may take a few spa visits to work out all of your muscle kinks, so follow these tips with each massage. Read More 

Two Surprising Medical Conditions That Can Be Improved Through Weight Loss

When it comes to taking care of your body and your health, one of the elements that you can and need to take control of is your weight and your eating habits. Managing your weight requires discipline and dedication, but with effort and perseverance can be the best step you ever took in terms of your body's overall health. If you are unconvinced of the amazing health benefits that weight loss can provide, get to know some of the many medical conditions that can be helped or eradicated through weight loss. Read More 

Natural Treatments Can Heal Your Tennis Elbow Condition

Many people think that only athletes can suffer from tennis elbow, which is referred to as epicondylitis in the medical field. It is a very painful medical condition derived from overuse or repetitive use of the elbow. Tendons and muscles of your forearm are attached to the outer bony area of the elbow that is called the lateral epicondyle. When forearm muscles and tendons are damaged, this results in tenderness and pain. Read More