Your Dental Hygiene Is Not Complete Until You Include Your Tongue

Besides your teeth and gums, your tongue is one place that bacteria can live and reproduce to create tooth decay and gum disease. Adding your tongue to your daily dental hygiene habit gets rid of more of the bacteria. Here is why you need to remember to include your tongue when you brush and floss everyday. A Natural Hiding Spot for Bacteria Hundreds of small bumps of tissue, called papillae, cover your tongue. Read More 

Busting Common Teeth Whitening Myths

You've scheduled a consult with a cosmetic dentist to have your teeth whitened, but some rumors you've heard over the years have you wondering how well the procedure will work -- and if there are any health consequences. Here are a few key facts to know before you make a visit to your dentist. Myth: You Only Need Teeth Whitening Done Once There are two types of teeth stains: intrinsic, or interior, and extrinsic. Read More