Quitting Smoking? Work With Your Healthcare Provider To Resist The Urge

One of the hardest parts of quitting smoking is resisting the urge when a craving comes. Many people fail in their attempt to quit smoking because they make the mistake of going it alone. Getting professional help from your local health clinic can help ensure success: Have a Plan Work with a health care professional at your clinic to develop a plan to deal with the cravings as they occur. Prescription nicotine replacement therapies can help you get beyond the worst of the cravings. Read More 

Common Mole Removal Concerns Addressed

Moles are fairly common skin blemishes that many patients will need to have removed at some point. Whether it is due to concerns over cancer or merely for cosmetic purposes, mole removals are extremely safe and effective. However, many patients have a poor understanding about this procedure due to a lack of experience with it. After you have the following questions answered, you should find yourself a far more informed patient when deciding on this procedure. Read More 

How To Get Your Child Excited About Glasses

Glasses can be annoying for a child to wear because they might be less than comfortable to wear all day in school, less than stable when your child is running around outside, and less than cool, which could make your child embarrassed. You, as an adult, know that your child will be much better off if he or she wears his or her glasses because then it will be easier to see the board at school and follow along with the lesson. Read More 

The Positive Effects Of Mineral Water On Your Weight Loss Journey

If you're looking to lose weight and boost your health, then you need to rethink what you're drinking. Soda may be a popular drink, but it is full of empty calories. If you're trying to cut your daily calories and are still drinking soda pop, you are likely consuming most of your daily calorie intake with just the soda. A good alternative is mineral water, which is much better than standard water. Read More 

Choosing A Green Dentist – Green Technologies To Look For

There's a new way to go green – choosing a green dentist. As environmentalism grows, dental offices are implementing green technologies and business practices to reduce their impact on the environment. Green dentistry refers to the practice of reducing the environmental impact of dental practices and patient care within a dental practice. Green dentistry includes: Saving water Saving energy Focusing on early detection Preventive care Waste reduction Saving money Reducing pollution Treatments that are less invasive High-tech innovations Green dental practices make the most of new technologies that offer patient and environmental benefits. Read More