What Role Will Your OB Play In Your Pregnancy?

One of the first things many women do when they learn they are pregnant is schedule an appointment with an OB, or obstetrician. This first appointment is pretty straightforward. Your OB will confirm your pregnancy, run a few blood and urine tests, and determine the due date. What may still be a little unclear after this first appointment, though, is what role your OB will play throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Here's an overview of that role.

Scheduling and reading testing.

There will be a number of tests you need throughout your pregnancy. You'll need several ultrasounds, blood tests at various points, and perhaps even more involved genetic tests. Your OB will tell you which tests you need to schedule and where to schedule them. After each test, you will typically meet with your OB and review the results. If there's anything to worry about or any precautions you need to take based on the results of the tests, your OB will talk you through them.

Advice on diet and lifestyle.

Of course, as a mother-to-be, you must live as healthfully as possible and make great decisions for your baby's health. But with so much information out there, it can be hard to know what diet and lifestyle choices really are the best. You can rely on the information from your OB in this regard. They use the latest science to make evidence-based recommendations for your diet and lifestyle during pregnancy. If you ever have questions about what you should eat, how much exercise you should do, and so forth, you should feel comfortable reaching out and asking your OB.

Preparation for labor and delivery.

If this is your first pregnancy, you may be unsure of what to expect when it comes to labor and delivery. Your OB can give you a better idea of what will happen, what your options are, and what resources you should turn to in order to learn more about the delivery process. Throughout your pregnancy, you will have multiple conversations with your OB regarding topics like whether you want an epidural, who you want in the delivery room, and so forth. They will offer their opinions on such matters, but generally, they will leave the decisions up to you.

Now you have a better idea of what role an OB typically plays in pregnancy. Every doctor is different, but most provide all of the above services, and more, for their patients. Contact an OB for more information.