Treating Spinal Stenosis: Will Spinal Surgery Help?

Were you diagnosed with spinal stenosis? The condition can develop for different reasons, including an injury to the back that impacted the spine or herniated discs. When you have spinal stenosis, you will probably feel spinal pressure that causes a lot of discomfort. It does not just have a big impact on the spine itself, but also on all the other parts of your body that work with the spine, including your neck, legs, and arms. If the side effects of the condition are becoming way too much for you to bear, you might need spinal surgery completed by an orthopedic surgeon.

Is the Spinal Surgery a Need?

When you find out that the cause of your pain is due to spinal stenosis, you can receive a few options to help you manage the pain. Some medical professionals recommend taking anti-inflammatory medication, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and receiving steroid injections on a routine basis. However, when those treatments are not helping as much as you need them to, learning more about the spinal surgery from an orthopedic surgeon can benefit you. It could be the procedure that changes your life by improving how your body feels.

What Happens During the Procedure?

If the orthopedic surgeon feels that spinal surgery is a good option for you because of your condition, you may need a decompression surgery done to help get rid of all the pressure that you have against your spine. The pressure is the root cause of most of the pain you would usually feel when getting up and trying to go about your day. While it does depend on the condition of your spine, the orthopedic surgeon will likely complete the procedure in three hours or less. Patients often need to stay in their hospital room for a few days after the surgery to recover, but the stay is usually not more than a week long. The recovery from the procedure varies from one patient to the next. Some patients feel comfortable enough to get back to doing some of the things they did before the surgery within just a few short weeks.

Spinal stenosis is a problem for many people. It can develop for many reasons and cause excruciating pain. If you were diagnosed with this spinal condition, an orthopedic surgeon might agree that spine surgery is the right approach to reduce the inflammation and relieve a lot of the pressure. Learn more by contacting companies like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C.