Sleep Disorder Myths You Might Think Are True

A restful night of sleep can be essential for ensuring that your mood is positive and you are productive. Unfortunately, many people will suffer from fairly serious sleep disorders that can make it harder for them to get the rest that they need. Here are some common myths about sleep disorders.

Myth: Sleep Problems Always Involve Difficulty Falling Asleep

Patients with sleep disorders will often be under the impression that these problems always result in a person being unable to fall asleep. However, this is only one type of sleep disorder. It can also be possible for individuals to have difficulty staying asleep. This can be due to the patient completely waking up or it may only result in the patient prematurely exiting REM sleep.

Myth: It Will Be Impossible To Accurately Determine The Source Of Your Sleeping Issues

Suffering from sleep disorders can be an extremely frustrating experience. In addition to being excessively tired, patients might be worried that it will be impossible to accurately diagnose the source of their sleep issues. Luckily, there are sleep centers staffed with specialists that can help patients suffering from these problems. To fully evaluate the patient, it may be necessary for the patient to sleep at the center so that they can be monitored. During this experience, the patient's brainwaves, heart rate, and breathing patterns will all be closely measured throughout the time that the patient is asleep.

Myth: Medications Are Always Needed To Restore Sleeping Patterns

Sleep medications can be extremely effective at putting individuals to sleep, but these medications can have the effect of leaving the patient drowsy the next day. A desire to avoid this side effect can drive individuals away from using these medications or seeking alternative treatment for their sleep problems. Luckily, there are often options that can be used to help the patient establish a more stable sleep pattern. This can include changes in diet, better exercise habits, or other lifestyle adjustments that will help to put your body on a more sustainable and predictable natural cycle.  

Myth: Sleep Disorders Are Permanent Once You Develop Them

When a patient is suffering from a sleep disorder, they will often be worried that their disorder will be a permanent problem that they will have to manage. Unfortunately, some patients may find that they experience ongoing sleep disorders. However, many other patients will find that this problem was being caused by a temporary issue, such as high stress levels, depression, or generalized anxiety. Often, these patients will find that their sleeping patterns can be returned to normalcy fairly quickly after starting these treatments.