Signs That You Should Institute Drug Testing For Your Staff

While some companies use drug testing to ensure the sobriety of their employees, not every organization takes this approach. If you manage a company that falls into the latter category, you may eventually decide that drug testing is a good idea. This is especially true because of the liabilities of intoxicated employees. For example, a delivery driver who is a drug user could get into a collision that hurts someone, and your company could be held liable because of the driver's drug use. Here are some signs that you might want to institute drug testing for your staff.

Mentions Of Drug Activity

As the manager or owner, you might not always find that employees talk openly around you. However, you'll sometimes overhear conversations, or your mid-level managers may even raise issues with you about employees' drug use. For example, if you're in a bathroom stall and there are two employees who enter the bathroom without being aware of your presence, they may talk about planning to use illegal drugs together on their upcoming lunch break. Or, a mid-level manager may report to you that he or she overhead this type of discussion from some employees.

Drug-Related Imagery

Ideally, your employees will be smart enough to avoid showing drug-related imagery at work. However, if you should run into them away from the office, which may be the case in a small town, you might notice concerning signs that relate to drug use. For example, an employee may be wearing a hat or a shirt with a marijuana leaf. This type of apparel might not have much shock value in today's society, but it should alert you if you're an employer. Even if an employee uses drugs on his or her spare time, the effects of the drug use may still be present during working hours.

Complaints From Customers

If your staff members deal directly with customers, you might occasionally face the unenviable situation of customers complaining that employees seem to be under the influence of drugs. Perhaps a customer tells you that he or she smells marijuana on an employee, or maybe someone references the employee speaking in a slurred manner and having bloodshot eyes, as well as having trouble following the conversation. If you encounter any of these signs, it is definitely time to seek out a clinic that does drug testing and make it a policy for your organization.