Does Your Partner Take Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Meds? 3 Tips To Show Them Support

The ability to achieve or maintain an erection relies upon a complex series of processes that occur in the body that involve the brain, circulatory system, and nervous system. While people often think that erections just happen when a man is aroused, the truth is that any issue that disrupts the parts of the body involved in the process can stop one from happening. Today, it is known that sexual arousal is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting an erection. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and even too much stress could all lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). Fortunately, there are ED treatment meds available, and you can use these tips to show your partner support as they begin the process of treating the condition.

Give Them Early Clues

In the past, your partner may have been ready to go after a surprise kiss or touch during a romantic moment. While you can still enjoy spontaneous romantic moments, you may need to give them a few clues early on that you want to get physical. ED treatment meds sometimes take some time to kick in. Although most ED treatment drugs begin to work within a half hour, it could be a full hour or more before your partner feels the full effects. Give your partner a few hints early enough for their medication to take effect by the time that you want to get closer.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Many men struggle with ED as a complication of health issues such as obesity or high cholesterol. For this reason, working on getting these conditions under control often helps the erectile dysfunction treatment drugs to be more effective. Encourage your partner to eat a healthy diet, especially since eating fatty meals before taking ED treatment medicine can interfere with how the body metabolizes it. Daily exercise also helps to improve your partner's blood circulation, which is important to maintaining an erection.

Be Patient

Erectile dysfunction treatment meds provide you and your partner with an option that helps you get your sexual relationship back. Like most medications, however, it can take some time to realize the full benefits. If an erection does not happen right away, let your partner know that it is okay. While most people respond quickly to the medicine, your partner may need a different dose to make it work. Encourage them to continue to work with their physician until they find the ideal solution for managing their ED.

A healthy sexual relationship involves so much more than just a physical encounter. Yet, watching as your partner struggles with ED is upsetting. By understanding how the medication works and demonstrating patience, you can work through this new step in your relationship together and enjoy greater satisfaction.