Dr Dracula - Is The Vampire Breast Lift An Effective Medical Procedure Or Popular Fad

What do we want? Cleavage! When do we want it? Now! Although no one has probably ever shouted this particular version of the famous protest chant, recent fashion trends have focused on showing more cleavage. In order to attain the right look, many women are turning to various breast lift procedures help accentuate this feature. 

A recent development that is gaining in popularity is the so-called vampire breast lift. Similar to the vampire facelift, a person's own blood is drawn from their body, run through a centrifuge to increase the concentration of platelets and then injected back into the breast tissue. The theoretical result of the procedure among other benefits is a boost in production of collagen within the tissue which serves to firm the tissue and smooth the skin.

  • The Procedure - The vampire breast lift is a 30-minute, non-surgical procedure in which blood is taken from a woman's arm. The blood is then run through a centrifuge which isolates platelets and produces what is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is rich in natural growth factors.  The PRP is then mixed with hyaluronic acid filler and injected into the breasts.
  • The Claims - The procedure is purported to help with many issues related to the aesthetic aspect of the breasts. These issues include sagging breasts, wrinkled skin on breasts, inverted nipples and low sensitivity. All of these improvements would combine to improve the overall shape and appearance of the cleavage. 
  • The Facts - The primary benefit of the vampire breast lift that is supported by scientific evidence is the improvement of overlying skin. The growth factors in the PRP have shown that they can contribute to the smoothness of the skin on the breasts. The claims that have not been supported by evidence are an improvement of sagging breasts and inverted nipples.  The first of these is caused by stretching of internal ligaments and the latter is caused by contraction of tethering bands within the nipples that attach them to the breast. Correction of both issues is reliant on surgical procedures to cut and rebuild these cords and ligaments in a more natural state. Neither of these physiological changes could be achieved through a simple injection of PRP. There have also not been any conclusive studies evidencing increased nerve sensation within the body due to PRP injection.
  • The Risk - The biggest risk associated with the vampire breast lift is the introduction of a powerful growth factor that could also promote the growth of malignant and pre-malignant cells in a part of the body that is already highly susceptible to cancer.

After consideration of cost, claims, facts, and risks, scientific evidence does not support the claim that the vampire breast lift is anything more than a very expensive fad.