Say What? 3 Activities That Demand Ear Protection

There are many ways to spend your time that can be fun and rewarding, but not all of them are exactly good for your health — specifically, your eardrums' health — without proper precautions.

Home on the Range

The shooting range, that is. Shooting is an incredibly popular activity, as evidenced by the many shooting competitions and its place in the Olympics, and can help improve self-confidence, marksmanship, and ease of handling of firearms. However, it's also an incredibly loud activity, and is usually done in a shooting range that has many people firing at once, increasing the din.

To protect your hearing, you'll need custom ear plugs for shooting; generally speaking, you can either use ear plugs or a headphone-like set of ear mufflers, though there are even little ear protectors that look like Bluetooth headphones, if that's more your style.

Monster-Sized Fun

Generally speaking, increasing the size of a thing makes it better — foam fingers, huge hats, long cars — and no activity follows that trend quite as directly as monster truck rallies. These events can be incredibly fun to watch, but they're also incredibly loud. With average noise reaching 100 decibels, monster truck rallies are loud enough to damage your hearing unless you protect yourself.

For younger children, earmuffs are probably the easiest option and ensure total protection, but custom ear plugs for the fully grown adults in your party can not only make the event more enjoyable but also prevent those after-rally headaches the next morning.

Nightly Combat

You probably don't sleep in a war zone — but if your partner snores loudly, it can definitely feel like it at times. A noisy sleep partner can disrupt your own sleep, causing you to feel groggy and exhausted during the day. Constant sleep deprivation limits your ability to make good choices, can cause weight gain, and piles stress on both your body and mind — and that's no good for your health.

For an improved sleep experience, consider investing in custom earplugs. These low-tech devices conform nicely to your ears without stretching them out (being too big for the ear canal) or causing harm (dangerously, homemade or cotton-ball earplugs can get lost in the ear canal) to you during the night. As the most popular use of your time — the average human is asleep for 1/3 of their life, after all — investing in a good night's sleep is probably the best thing you can do for your health.