Benefits Of Moving Into A Sober Living Environment

If you think that getting sober is the most difficult thing you've ever done, you may soon find that maintaining that sobriety in the days, weeks, and months ahead is even more of a challenge. Many people move into a sober living environment immediately upon completing drug treatment. They find that this specialized residence can be a valuable new home for as long as it takes them to feel more confident about their newfound sobriety. If you've just completed a drug treatment program and you're feeling shaky about the next steps that you'll take, here are some benefits of moving into a sober living environment that you should consider.

You're Surrounded By Sober People

One of the challenges of completing drug treatment and moving back home is that addicts may be around you before long. When you're around addicts or even casual drug users, your urge to begin using again can increase significantly, making home an unsafe environment for you to be in. Conversely, a sober living environment is ideal because all of its residents are sober. These homes have zero-tolerance policies for drug or alcohol use, which means that residents and staff alike all share a common interest of staying sober and encouraging others to stay sober.

There's Often A Structure

Sober living environments can vary, but many have a daily structure that can be valuable for keeping you busy and keeping the temptation to urge at bay. When you were in a drug treatment program, you hopefully appreciated the daily structure — and that means that you should find the structure in a sober living home to be welcome. Group and individual sessions, as well as a variety of healthy activities such as working out, can all help you to fill the spare time in your day in a positive and healthy way.

You'll Take Ownership Over Your Life

When you were using drugs, you might have watched your life unravel. Now that you're sober again, a sober living environment is a perfect place for you to regain ownership over your life. In this community, you're expected to carry your weight — cooking, cleaning, and other household duties are all part of the requirements for those who join a sober living home. This type of work can make you feel as though you're a productive member of the community, perhaps after a long time where you didn't feel that way.

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