Child Went To Summer Camp And Brought Head Lice Home? 2 Tips To Help Them

During camp, it is common for children to sleep close together, as well as to use each other's combs or brushes. If even one child has head lice, it can easily spread around the camp to the other children. If your child was unfortunate enough to bring this home on their head, then you need to act fast. Below are two tips to help you get rid of these nasty bugs and help your child feel better.

Get Camp Stuff Out of House

The first thing you need to do is to bag up everything your child brought home from camp and seal it tightly. Also ask them to change their clothes and include these in the bag. Take it outside until you get done treating your child. This is because their pillow, sleeping bag, brush, etc., may have lice that you cannot see. This will prevent these nasty bugs to spread throughout your home.

For fabric items, place them in your dryer on high heat for approximately an hour. Soak any brushes or combs in alcohol.

Buy Head Lice Treatment

Go to the store and purchase head lice treatment. These treatments include a lice shampoo that is made to kill the lice, as well as a nit comb which is used to remove the nits, which are small eggs that attach to hair follicles.

Rub the shampoo into your child's hair and their scalp, making sure everything is covered. You will have to wait for a certain amount of time for the shampoo to kill the lice. How long this is depends on the type of treatment you purchased. If you notice any lice in the next week, you will need to apply a second treatment.

Get a bowl of water for you to place the nits in. If you look through their hair, you will see small, white egg looking things. These are the nits which will hatch into lice so you need to remove them. The nit comb has very close teeth so they can easily grab the nit to remove it. This will take you a lot of time, as you have to go through small sections of their hair at a time to get them all out. Place the nits in the bowl of water as you remove them and then flush the bowl of water down your toilet. Make sure you look at their eyebrows also, as lice like to get anywhere there is hair.

Once you are sure the nits are gone, your child can then wash their hair with normal shampoo, if they prefer.  

If your child continues to have lice or they end up with a lot of sores on their head, take them to their doctor for treatment.