Important Facts For Breast Cancer Patients Considering Targeted Drug Therapy

Researchers around the world are constantly learning more about breast cancer and about its response to various types of new treatments. Many advances are being made towards more effective treatments for breast cancer. If you are trying to decide which breast cancer treatment would be best for you, considering all the latest medical advancements is best. Learn more about targeted drug therapy and how it may be the treatment most suitable for you.

What Is Targeted Drug Therapy?

Targeted drug therapy is similar to chemotherapy because both treatments use specific types of drugs for destroying cancer cells. However, the drugs used in traditional chemotherapy work to destroy all cells in the body that divide quickly, causing side effects when healthy cells are destroyed because they undergo rapid division. The drugs used in targeted drug therapy only attack cancer cells and any of the cells present in the body that help cancer cells divide and grow, leaving healthy cells alone to function normally. Bear in mind that targeted drug therapy may be used as your only cancer treatment or it may compliment other treatments like surgery, radiation, and traditional chemotherapy.

How Targeting Cancer Drugs Work

Drugs used in targeted cancer therapy work by picking out cancer cells and breaking down their abilities to divide, blocking or turning off the signals sent by body chemicals telling cancer cells to divide. Some targeted cancer drugs work by changing the proteins in cancer cells, causing them to starve to death. Other targeted cancer drugs impact cancer cells by stopping the growth of blood life-giving blood vessels to them. Your oncologist can work with your specific needs for treatment and make choices for the best targeted drug therapy regimen for you.

Boosting Your Immune System for Certain Targeted Drug Therapy

Your oncologist may prescribe a targeted drug therapy that triggers your body's immune system to fight against cancer cells. In this type of targeted drug therapy, taking steps to strengthen your immunity is smart. For many cancer patients, experiencing a weakened immunity is common because of appetite loss and decreases in nutrients. Discuss with a health care provider like Southwest Oncology Centers about the best ways to strengthen your immune system. If your appetite is poor, ask your doctor about the best nutritional supplements you can use for giving your immune system what it needs to fight cancer cells during targeted drug therapy.

Fighting breast cancer is tough. Making the right choices about your treatment options can be overwhelming and scary. However, by learning more about all the options you have available to you, you can be more informed and have what you need to make the best decisions.