2 Ways Your Allergist Can Test You For Food Allergies

If your doctor is worried that you might have problems with a food allergy, there are several ways that your doctor can diagnose the allergy. Your doctor may use more than one method to diagnose you because it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what food is causing your allergy. It is important to note that you should never try to diagnose an allergy on your own. The only person who should do that is an allergist. 

Prick Test

The prick test involves putting a very small drop of a concentrated liquid that is the extract of the food. Once the drops have been placed on your skin, the doctor will prick your skin with a needle, making sure that the needle goes through the liquid. If your doctor suspects that you may have more than one food allergy, they will draw a grid on your skin so that they can test for more than one allergy at a time. Even though the food allergies may be a serious problem, these skin prick tests are safe.

If, after a few minutes, there is a reaction that looks like a rash or a bug bite, then you have an allergy to that food. The more severe the allergy is, the sooner the reaction will show up and the more pronounced it will be. 

Blood Test

Your doctor may not want to do a skin prick test or they may want to confirm the allergy with a blood test. The blood test will test for the presence of the antibodies to a particular food. The lab that does the test will take your blood and section it out so that they can test it against multiple foods. 

Unlike the prick test, a blood test will not give you an immediate result. It can take a couple of weeks for you to get the results, depending on a number of factors, including the distance to the lab and the amount of testing the technician will have to do on your blood. Until you get the results back, your doctor may suggest that you avoid that particular food, just to avoid any possible problems. 

A food allergy can be a serious problem. Making sure that you are tested by your allergist will mean that you have the right results and are able to get the right treatment for your allergies so that you can be healthy. 

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