3 Reasons To Install A Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub makes a fantastic addition to any bathroom, but it is particularly useful for elderly individuals. Three reasons to install a walk-in tub for use by an elderly person are that it is comfortable, safe, and can be installed with a number of additional options.


One of the best parts about having a walk-in tub is that they are often deep enough that anyone sitting in the tub will actually be able to fully immerse his or her body. This is rarely possible in a traditional bathtub where it seems like a part of you will always be sticking out of the water while you are trying to soak in the tub. 

The fact that a walk-in tub allows someone to immerse himself or herself completely at all time means that it is ideal for allowing the muscles in the entire body to reap the benefits of soaking in hot water. This feature makes it ideal for an elderly individual that may be suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain.


Another reason to consider a walk-in tub is that it is going to be much safer for an elderly individual to use. One reason for this is that there is no lip to step over to get into the tub, you can simply open the door and walk in because the bottom of the tub is at floor level. This means that an elderly person will not have to risk his or her balance in order to step over the side of the tub or risk slipping on a stair that can become exceedingly slick when wet.

Additional Options

Finally, a walk-in tub is a great choice because it can also be installed with additional options that can make the tub quite a bit more comfortable and safe. For example, a common option that many walk-in tubs have are handles. These handles can provide an easy way for an elderly person to maintain his or her balance when getting into or out of the tub. 

Another great option to consider for a walk-in tub is seating. The seating option is great as it allows an elderly person to avoid sinking all the way down to the floor where it may be too difficult for him or her to get back up. In addition, the seating allows for a convenient place to sit during a shower in order to avoid any possible fatigue that may come from standing up for too  long. 

Speak to your local medical supply store or contractor today in order to discuss the possibility of installing a walk-in tub in your home. A walk-in tub is a good choice because it can provide you with a safe and comfortable bathing solution while also having many available options and extras that can improve the tub even further.

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