Homebound Health: How An In-Home Health Aide Can Benefit Your Loved One

If your loved one has recently been labeled "homebound" by their doctor or social worker, you may be concerned about what this means for them and how you can help. It's important to understand that being homebound doesn't define your loved one and that there is help in the form of in-home health aides.

What Does Homebound Mean?

The term "homebound" has a few conflicting definitions, but if your loved one is considered homebound, it's most helpful to understand how in-home health aide agencies define the term.

If someone is homebound, it doesn't mean that they cannot leave their home. The true meaning of the term means that considerable effort is required in order for a homebound individual to leave their home. If your loved one is homebound, this may simply mean that they require the assistance of a wheelchair or other assistive device, or they may require special transportation (wheelchair accessible van) or the assistance of another individual (family member, friend, health aide).

What Services Are Usually Offered by In-Home Health Agencies?

If your loved one is homebound and you're looking into in-home health care, you're likely wondering about the services offered by such agencies.

As mentioned above, homebound doesn't mean your loved one is unable to leave their home, but it does mean leaving the home requires considerable effort. The services that may be provided to your homebound loved one by an in-home health aide include the running of simple errands, reliable transportation to medical appointments, and assistance that allows them to leave the home for whatever they may like to do, including visiting friends or simply enjoying a stroll through the park.

How Will Your Loved One Benefit?

It may be difficult for your loved one to adjust to their new homebound status. With the help of a home health aide, your loved one may be able to continue to do all of the things they love without their homebound status holding them back.

Your loved one need not live in isolation which is what being homebound may feel like to them. Instead, your loved one can benefit immensely from the companionship and reliable help of a trained health aide whose goal is to support your loved one in all that they do. While your loved one's medical needs may slow down their lifestyle a bit, with the assistance of a health aide, they can still enjoy all that life has to offer. A home health aide can ensure that your loved one stays active and happy and that your loved one doesn't allow the term "homebound" to define who they are.

To learn more about the services offered by in-home health aides and how your homebound loved one may benefit, consult with a local home health aide agency.