Are You A Young Adult With Dentures? Instead Of Hiding Behind Your Teeth, Chew On These Tips

If your dentist recently told you that you need dentures but you are only in your twenties or thirties, the news may come as a shock. True, elderly patients are the most common recipient of dentures, but you are not alone. Three percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 also wear dentures. 

Even still, you may feel pensive about the procedure, and even more insecure about letting your loved ones know about your decision to get dentures. If you are young and need dentures, here are some tips to remember when you feel insecure about your decision.

Remember: You Made the Right Choice

Your dental decisions are no one else's business but your own. If you have already spoken to your dentist about dentures after extraction, then you know that, without dentures, your facial structure will change over time as the bones recede and the muscles adjust to your lack of teeth. Even if you need teeth extracted for medically necessary purposes, dentures can help prevent the cosmetically damaging results of that extraction. 

Like it or not, people judge you on your appearance no matter what the circumstances, the least of which includes interviews and first dates. Your smile is one of the most significant features on which others form their opinions of you, so do not feel selfish or vain for going through with dentures. Dentures can give you that nice smile that truly can change your life.

Telling Others About Your Dentures

Despite their benefits, dentures are not always easy to maintain. Keeping your dentures a secret around your family members, dates, or coworkers is, likewise, not always an easy task. You will face the biggest challenges in the period shortly after receiving your dentures. Eating, drinking, and even talking will be monumentally uncomfortable tasks, but even when you get used to them, you will still need to take them out when you sleep. Certain foods will always pose a problem, too. Instead of putting yourself through the stress of hiding your cosmetic dentistry secret, be open and honest about your dentures. 

For example, If you love chicken wings, think long and hard before you banish them from your diet for fear of others discovering your dentures. Instead, own your dentures and enjoy wing night with your friends or a new date. You will likely find out that those dining with you will not suddenly have a lesser opinion of you because of your dentures, and best of all, you can still enjoy your favorite meals. Dentures are nothing to be ashamed of, and if you treat them that way--even as a young adult--then you will pleasantly discover that they will not negatively interfere with your life.