What You Should Do after a Loved One Dies

If you recently had a loved one pass, you understand how difficult it is to plan your next steps. However, there are certain things that need to be done, even though you might not feel ready to handle them. Here are some of the first things to do when someone passes.

Keep Their Home Secure

While it is the last thing you want to consider, your loved one's property might be at risk after they pass. There are criminals that target these types of situations, because they assume the home of your loved one is going to be vacant for a while. You can protect all their personal effects by visiting their home and locking everything up. Make sure all doors are locked and windows are closed and locked tightly. Remove anything valuable or irreplaceable, like jewelry and expensive electronics or artwork. This also gives you the chance to check on their pets and find them a temporary home, take out the trash, clean up, and grab their newspapers and mail.

Decide What to Do with Their Belongings

If your loved one's home needs to be vacated shortly after they pass, it might be up to you to decide what to do with their personal belongings. Until the will is read, it is best to store their belongings in a self-storage unit. This gives you the opportunity to put their belongings in a place that is safe and protected with excellent security. Remember to label everything carefully so that when the will is read, you can give the items to the right people who were listed in the will.

Notify Important People

Shortly after a loved one passes, you need to let the important people know. Generally, they will start the line of informing everyone else. The first people to notify that someone has died are their close relatives, including parents, children, grandchildren, and siblings. It is also a good idea to let your employer know, as well as their attorney and insurance company if you have that information. Close neighbors should be notified so they can keep an eye on the person's home until you work out other arrangements. If you know of very close friends of theirs, they should be on the list as well.

Start Funeral Planning

The sooner you can start planning the funeral, the better off you will be. You might have family or friends that need to come from out of town, so getting them the details quickly is a good idea. Look at their will to find out if they had any preferences, such as cremation or burial, or if they did any funeral pre-planning. This will help guide you in the right direction. For assistance, talk to a funeral home like Fletcher Funeral Home PA.