2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Order Veneers Online

If you're tempted to order cosmetic dental treatments online, such as snap-on veneers, don't. Although these products promise quick results, they may not be as natural looking or as safe as the treatments offered by your cosmetic dentist. In fact, here are two reasons you shouldn't try them without a dental provider's knowledge.

Infects Your Gums

Your cosmetic dentist performs their treatments in a sterile and safe environment. Although online cosmetic dental products may come in sterile packaging, the material and conditions used to make them may not be. 

If the online company's laboratory doesn't use the proper infection control methods to make your veneers, bacteria and other pathogens may infect your gums. The right infection-control methods include:

  • Preparing and making your dental veneers on clean and sterile work surfaces.
  • Wearing the correct protective gear to prevent cross-contamination of body fluids, including blood and saliva.
  • Using safe materials to make your veneers.

The online veneers may fit closely beneath your gumline or push up against it, and bacteria could travel beneath your gums if these problems occur. Gum disease can devastate your oral health because it has the potential to trigger tooth loss.

If you ask where the online company makes your veneers, and they can't tell you, don't use them. Stay safe and have your cosmetic dentist make your veneers for you. 

Looks Fake

Veneers should look like real teeth after they're placed. But some online dental veneers may appear too white, blocky or uneven for your mouth. These products may not be as discreet and natural looking as traditional veneers. 

A cosmetic dentist makes copies or molds of your teeth and jaws. The molds help them construct veneers that mimic the natural contours and sizes of every tooth in your mouth. In addition, your veneers come in colors that look real. If this is something you desire, you may not achieve it with online veneers.

You also have a chance to try out your veneers before the dentist cements them in place. If you need to make changes to your veneers, the dentist can do so quickly. Once you buy online veneers, you may not have a way of replacing them if they don't fit quite right.

The best way to find a solution to your dental problems is to visit a professional cosmetic dentist, like David Jackson, DDS, for a detailed opinion and treatment. The dentist can examine your teeth to see if veneers are right for you, or if you need additional cosmetic work completed.