Keeping Kids Teeth Healthy: The Right And Wrong Foods To Feed Your Children

While most parents know that feeding young children sugary drinks and snacks will promote tooth decay, there are also foods that will promote overall oral health. It's difficult enough to get children to brush their teeth properly. A good diet that helps clean the teeth and supports new tooth growth will ensure that your children have a healthy smile as they reach adulthood.

Crunchy Vegetables are a Natural Tooth Cleanser

Crunchy vegetables such as raw carrots do more than provide solid nutrition for your child's body. Crunchy vegetables act as a natural abrasive on your child's teeth, removing unwanted plaque that can't be reached by brushing alone. The next time your child wants a snack, reach for some broccoli and carrots with a little bit of dip. Even if they are resistant, keep offering the healthy snacks while minimizing junk food. 

Vitamin C is Needed for Healthy Gums

Vitamin C is found in most fruits, and in fortified cereals and juices. When your child gets enough vitamin C, they are less susceptible to gum problems. This essential vitamin is necessary for the health of gum tissue, and can help prevent or reverse gum disease. Be careful with giving your child too much citrus juice, because the acid in the juice can wear down their tooth enamel. If your child has gums that bleed easily with brushing, a need for vitamin C could be the reason.

Children Need Calcium for Stronger Bones

Calcium is a necessary nutrient for the growth and maintenance of strong bones. Teeth are bones, and for proper permanent tooth formation, your child needs sufficient calcium every day. Calcium is pretty easy to add to your child's diet, as it is found in many favorite food such as milk, yogurt and cheeses. If your child drinks a lot of milk every day, step away from the whole milk and reach for milk with a lower fat content.

Keep Your Kids Hydrated with Water

Water is good for the whole body, but keeping your kids drinking water throughout the day will also help keep their mouth free of harmful bacteria. A good rinse of the mouth is important, and drinking water is essential to good oral health. With proper hydration, your child's gums will be healthier and more capable of fighting off germs. Start the habit now, and get your kids drinking water on a regular basis. This is a habit that will benefit your child throughout their lifetime. For further assistance, contact a local pediatric dentist, such as North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry.