Learn What To Expect When You Donate Blood

A large supply of blood is always needed by the medical field for times when individuals need blood transfusions after surgery or an injury. This blood supply is gathered through donations by individuals at blood banks. There are many mobile labs and health care clinics that serve as blood banks to gather the life saving blood the medical field needs. If you are considering a blood donation at one of the local clinics, use the following guide to learn what to expect during the experience.


Mobile labs are often only situated at one location for a specific amount of time. You need to find out the exact date and times the mobile lab will be located near you so that you can properly plan to give blood. If you plan to give blood at one of the donation clinics, you simply need to come into the clinic during their scheduled business hours.


Before donating blood, you want to make sure that you have eaten something. You do not want to give blood on an empty stomach because this could cause you to become lightheaded or queasy.


Before you can give blood at a mobile lab or clinic a technician will test your blood to determine if your iron is high enough to be able to donate. Someone with low iron will often have thinner blood than someone with higher iron counts. Someone with low iron cannot give blood because their blood is not able to clot quickly. If someone with low iron donated blood and were then injured a few minutes later, their blood would be even thinner than it normally is and they could end up bleeding to death because their blood would not clot quickly enough.


Be sure that you set enough time out of your day to be able to give blood. It can take quite a few minutes to answer the questions required to donate, get your iron tested, and finally give blood. It is not a process that can be rushed so you need to plan accordingly.


Directly after donating your blood, you will need to sit and rest for a few minutes. You do not want to try to get up right away because you will more than likely become dizzy and could fall. Allow your body to adjust itself for a few minutes and then you can set off on your way.

Donating blood can save someone's life one day. It is free to do and isn't very painful at all. You only have to get pricked in the arm one time to donate blood. To learn more, contact a company like Snow Creek Medical Center.