Deciding between Going to Urgent Care and the Emergency Room

No matter what else you may believe should take precedence in your life, there's nothing more important for you to manage than your health. When an emergency occurs and you suddenly find yourself in need of time sensitive care, it's important that you have a clear understanding of your options for seeking care that will be both quick and thorough.

Below, you'll find a guide that should help you decide between seeking out assistance at the emergency room or an urgent care center. Urgent care facilities offer quality care with far shorter wait times, and knowing when to utilize their services can be the first step toward significant relief.

Minor Trauma

If you've ever rolled your ankle playing tennis or jammed your wrist after a fall in your home, you probably know that waiting in the emergency room with those kinds of ailments can be frustrating. Even if you're in real pain, it's likely that an emergency room doctor will assess your case as less immediate and push you far down a waiting list.

An urgent care center, however, is designed to handle exactly these kinds of injuries. Rather than being treated as though you shouldn't be seeking the care you need, your urgent care center will provide quick treatment, pain relief, and the physical support you require.

Flu-Like Symptoms

For most people, it takes a great deal of time with a fever or vomiting before they decide they need to seek medical care. Unfortunately, if you decide to look for that care in an emergency room, you may find yourself being told that your symptoms aren't serious enough to warrant immediate treatment, leading to a miserably long wait.

At an urgent care center, you're far more likely to be seen far more quickly when you present with these symptoms.This will allow you to have much quicker relief, and also allow you to avoid a long wait with a high fever and high risk of vomiting.

Closed Doctor's Office

If you have a minor medical issue that's persistent enough to require care but sudden enough that you can't predict its occurrence, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing care on a day your doctor isn't in. Rather than suffering through a long emergency room wait and being treated with skepticism by hospital staff, taking yourself to an urgent care center like Urgent Care West Maui will provide a much more comfortable environment with the same quality of care you could expect anywhere else.