Things To Do Before And After Getting A Deep Tissue Massage

When the toxins are released from your muscles through manipulation, they're released through your body and circulated via oxygen and blood. You don't want the wastes circulating around your body, it's important to prepare yourself before the massage and perform a few steps after the treatment as well. It may take a few spa visits to work out all of your muscle kinks, so follow these tips with each massage.

To get the most out of your deep tissue massage session, do these things before and after the muscle manipulation:

The Benefits of Deep Massage

If you have deep, chronic knots in your muscles that regular massages just can't seem to work out, a deep tissue massage may be for you. During a deep tissue massage, a masseuse focuses on releasing the knots, otherwise known as adhesion, in your muscles. When muscles become stressed and overworked, they may become inflamed and full of bodily toxins, or metabolic wastes. During a deep tissue massage, the muscle knots are worked out and the toxins, such as lactic acid, are released.

Before the Massage

  1. Drink plenty of water prior to your massage appointment so that the toxins can be easily released from the tissues. If your body is dehydrated, your blood may be thicker and less able to accept the released toxins. Super-hydrating fluids such as plain water or coconut water are good bets.
  2. Make sure you don't have any open skin wounds or rashes that could get infected from the friction and rubbing. If you do, reschedule your appointment for a later date to allow your skin to heal.
  3. Don't eat a heavy meal directly before the deep tissue massage, as it may cause muscle cramping and/or painful heartburn during your treatment. Instead, eat something light, such as dried fruit or nuts, to help keep your blood sugar level during the massage.
  4. Let your massage therapist know of any particularly painful areas you have before the massage, so he or she is aware of them during the treatment. 

After the Massage

  1. Rise from the massage table slowly as you may feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded at first. Eat a small snack before leaving if your blood sugar is low from not consuming much prior to the massage. 
  2. Drink even more water to flush out all of the released toxins. Allowing them to accumulate in your body will make you feel tired and sluggish. Not drinking enough water after bodywork can also make you feel queasy. and your worked muscles can become stiff and sore.

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