4 Questions Answered About Getting a Mammogram

Women who want to take care of their health will want to get a mammogram every year once you are the age of 40. This can help you ensure good health and will work to detect any problems with your breasts in the earliest stages. Knowing specific things about getting this procedure done can prepare you for it.

What is a Mammogram?

This is an x-ray of your breasts that works to see if there are any cancerous lumps or cysts that may need treatment. It is important to catch cancer in its earliest stages in order to avoid the possibility of it spreading, and a mammogram is used for early detection.

Is the Mammogram Painful?

One of the first things most women are concerned with it the level of pain that accompanies getting this procedure done. Getting a mammogram is not typically painful, but you may experience a minor amount of discomfort.

Each of the breast must be closely examined, and this may require you to remain in an uncomfortable position, but this only takes a minute or two to complete. However, you will feel pressure on each of your breasts when being tested.

How Do You Prepare for a Mammogram?

Once you have the test scheduled, you may want to know how to make it go as easily as possible. It is ideal to wear loose clothing because you will typically have to undress from the waist up only.

Since you are getting x-rays completed, it is critical that you don't use any deodorant or lotions on your body from the neck to your waist. It may be a good idea to make a note on your bathroom mirror reminding to skip the deodorant the day your test is being scheduled.

When Can You Expect the Results?

If you are like most women, you will be anxious to get the results of your test back. The rate at which you receive how your test went may vary. You can normally expect to hear from the clinic or hospital where you had the mammogram in a few days. Typically, you will be mailed a letter that will provide you with the exact results of your test.

Finally, mammograms can save lives are highly recommended by most doctors. Be sure to consult with your medical provider to schedule your test as necessary to have the best health possible. For more information, contact Women's Care Inc.