Natural Treatments Can Heal Your Tennis Elbow Condition

Many people think that only athletes can suffer from tennis elbow, which is referred to as epicondylitis in the medical field. It is a very painful medical condition derived from overuse or repetitive use of the elbow. Tendons and muscles of your forearm are attached to the outer bony area of the elbow that is called the lateral epicondyle. When forearm muscles and tendons are damaged, this results in tenderness and pain. Your tennis elbow condition can be healed with various kinds of natural treatments instead of surgery.

Who Gets Tennis Elbow?

Athletes are known to acquire tennis elbow and especially so if they use their hands for repetitive action while participating in sports. The repetitive and energetic use of their forearm muscles causes tennis elbow to kick in. Many individuals are surprised to learn that plumbers, construction workers and plumbers are even more likely to develop this condition. They are at risk because of their jobs. Butchers, auto mechanics as well as cooks are reportedly just as prone to developing tennis elbow.

Symptoms For Which Experts Recommend That You Consult A Physician

  • Elbow pain that last longer than a few days
  • You can neither flex nor straighten your arm
  • Impossible for you to use your arm or carry objects
  • Significant inflammation or bruising encircling joint or arm
  • Pain that occurs at nighttime while resting

Herbal and Home Treatments

Start off with resting your elbow. You need to rest the elbow, which benefits muscle improvement and consequently promotes healing. Use an icepack on your arm for about 20 minutes and then switch to using a heating pad for 20 minutes. You will find that your level of pain and inflammation will decrease with that old-time application. Stretching the arm is a good muscle conditioning practice; however, do the stretch gently at a level that causes you no unbearable pain.

The potato you normally eat is said to offer pain relief and decreased swelling of tennis elbow discomfort. No you do not have to ingest it to treat your tennis elbow condition. What you should do is use warm baked potatoes as a heat compress by slicing or mashing them slightly and placing them on a towel. Wrap the towel and warm potatoes around your arm. This compress reportedly relieves pain and swelling for a lengthy period of time.

Herbal Treatments Recommended by Industry Experts

  • Drinking ginger tea three times daily
  • Eating large amounts of celery or drinking ten drops of celery extract
  • Consuming flax seed and salmon to obtain omega-3 fatty acid
  • Using calendula oil to massage your elbow

Remember that although these suggestions for home and herbal treatments have proven to work well for your tennis elbow condition, do not hesitate to consult with your physician at places like Hand Rehabilitation Specialists should your tennis elbow condition show signs of additional symptoms that do not go away.