Sometimes The Hospital Is The Best Place For Recovery

In spite of many people choosing to complete their recovery from a surgery or illness at home, there are times when it should be done in the hospital. These large healthcare facilities continue to be the one place where you have access to all of the resources you'll need. A hospital stay can speed your recovery by taking the distractions away from getting well and giving you a prompt response to any health changes.

Too Much Independence is Not Always a Good Thing

When you're home in familiar surroundings, you're tempted to resume your normal daily activities quickly, even when you should be resting. Taking the dog for a walk or going up and down stairs to do laundry are reasonable tasks when you're healthy. But you may be pushing it when recovering from hip or knee surgery. It's hard not to get involved in the activities around the house when you're home. A hospital stay shields you from the temptation to do too much when you should be resting and allowing your body to heal.

Self Monitoring is Challenging

In the hospital, you have staff checking on your health around the clock. Your vital signs are taken several times a day. The staff listen to your subtle comments that may mean there is a health problem to address. "My incision itches sometimes" could be a sign of healing but it could also mean an infection is setting in. Hospital staff will follow up on such changes to make sure nothing interferes with your recovery.

At home, you'll have to decide what is a problem and what isn't. You might write off the itching sensation as dry skin until your incision becomes red and swollen, the obvious signs of infection. You'll spend time on the phone with the nurse, or may make multiple trips to your doctor's office to have a potential problem looked at. Some of these will be false alarms and a waste of your time and money.

Accelerated Recovery Opportunities in the Hospital

Because your stay in the hospital is focused on your recovery, there are times when your doctor can make some changes that speed the process. If you're doing exceptionally well walking after your hip surgery, you may be put on a more rigorous physical therapy routine sooner than you would if at home. By adjusting your treatment to your rate of progress, you'll move through your recovery quicker than if at home doing the same routine every day until you visit your doctor.

Hospitals give you access to all of the resources you need to recover from an accident or illness. A hospital stay removes those distractions that keep you from being focused on getting well. You also reduce the risk of recovery issues with staff available 24/7 to quickly respond to changes in your health.

Talk to your local hospital experts, such as Pediatric Health Associates, for more information.