3 Ways To Increase Your Effectiveness At Burning Calories

With the new year approaching, may people are trying to set goals to get into shape. If you need to lose a few pounds but have trouble losing them quickly, follow these 3 tips for a more effective calorie burn.

High Intensity Workouts

First, you need to incorporate some high intensity workouts. While walking around the block will help you to burn a few calories, you really need to do turbo kickboxing, swim laps, run laps, or do a great cardio workout on a treadmill or elliptical.

High intensity workouts push your heart, lungs, and body to work as hard as possible. The high intensity will help you to burn a greater number of calories in a shorter period of time, so you can easily burn two or three times more calories than if you do something that is low intensity.


Not only do you need to do high intensity workouts, but you need to alternate them with weights and target area training. Using weights builds more muscle mass, and stronger muscles are prone to burning more calories.

For example, it is a good idea to do cardio one day and then weights the next. Focus on your upper body by doing your triceps, biceps, back, and abs. When you get to your next weight day, do the lower body and make sure that you increase the weight as your body is able to handle it.

If you start to feel straining in your muscles or you cannot control the weights, then you need to use lighter weights until you are stronger. With more muscle mass, your cardio workouts will become more effective because you will burn more calories naturally, so do not skip this part of the workout process.


Lastly, the way that you eat before and after a workout can really affect how many calories you burn. You never want to eat a huge meal before going to the gym because this can make you feel sluggish, your body will not burn as many calories, and you may feel more exhausted quicker because your body is trying to digest food while working out.

Instead, eat a protein shake or something light before a workout. Protein will help you feel full, and you will have more energy to burn calories. Try to eat lean protein and stay away from fatty foods since this will defeat the purpose of burning more calories.

By doing these 3 things, you can more effectively burn calories at a gym like American Fitness and meet your fitness goals in the coming year.