How Improper Heavy Lifting Can Lead To Back Pain & What A Chiropractor Can Do About It

Heavy lifting is dangerous when you are doing it the wrong way on a daily basis. If you are having back problems, seek help from a doctor. He or she may recommend that you see a chiropractor to possibly avoid undergoing back surgery. In this article, you will learn how improper heavy lifting leads to back pain and what a chiropractor can do about it.

How Does Improper Heavy Lifting Lead to Back Pain?

Heavy lifting leads to back pain when it is done improperly, such as when the spine is misaligned. There are ligaments in your spine that can become torn when you don't life heavy objects the right way. Ligaments are the parts of your back that are in place to provide support for the spinal cord. Vertebrae in the back can also become damaged, which will lead to back pain.

Joints are also important in your back and can cause pain when pressure builds up between them. You can visit a chiropractor to get the pressure released through a procedure known as spinal manipulation. You should not get spinal manipulation done unless your doctor approves of it to avoid possibly causing further damage to your back.

What Can a Chiropractor Do with Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain?

A chiropractor will target the areas of your back pain by asking you where it hurts. The muscles in the painful areas will then be stretched to get them aligned. The chiropractor will likely only use his or her hands to perform the procedure to keep it natural. Keep in mind that popping sounds may be heard during your procedure as your muscles are being stretched.

The chiropractor will also release any pressure that is between the joints in your back. You should not experience much pain (if any) during the spinal manipulation procedure. You can take pain medication if you desire to do so to feel more comfortable. It may be necessary for you to attend several appointments with the chiropractor before you will notice a major change in pain, but a difference should be noticed on the first visit.

You can prevent back pain if you make sure you bend down and stand up with your spine aligned each time you are lifting a heavy object. Back surgery should be avoided if at all possible, because it can be dangerous. Seek help from a chiropractor like those at Spinal Rehab Clinic, Inc. so he or she can use spinal manipulation to relieve your pain!