3 Benefits Of Having A Family Doctor When You Have A Special Needs Child

Choosing a doctor for yourself is a big deal, since you want someone you know will listen to you but will still respectfully tell you when you need to change things for your health. When you're choosing a doctor for your family, it's an even bigger commitment, especially if you have a child with special needs. A family practice offers you a doctor who can treat your entire family. Here's a few reasons why you should consider a family doctor.

They Have Training in Many Areas

A family doctor, such as at Expresscare Plus, has completed medical school and then a three year residency. Specialities such as pediatrics, obstetrics, and geriatrics are included. This allows a family doctor to be able to treat people of all ages. Family doctors are able to recognize when a child is having more trouble than typical development would suggest or when a parent is needing more resources to help a child with special needs. They can treat many illnesses from childhood fevers to chronic issues. In-office procedures may also be done at a family practice.

All Your Records Are in One Place

You need to be able to access your family's medical records whenever required. If you're moving or there is an emergency, you may not want to drive to several difference offices in order to get the records that you need. A family doctor will have all records at the office, so you only need to stop at one place in order to get immunization records for your children for school, test results, or anything else you need. Having a central place for all your medical records can help you keep therapies for any special needs children you have right on target, since your main doctor will know exactly what is going on just by checking the records.

They Have a Relationship with You

Since the whole family is being treated by the same doctor, you can truly develop a relationship with them. They'll know if you like to travel, go hiking, and what sports your children are in. They'll be able to give you the right advice for traveling in an exotic location or how to avoid sports injuries. They can provide you with advice for how to avoid burning out while caring for a child with special needs or set you up with helpful information to let you help them more. Since they know you, if they know that there is something going on in the home that can affect your well-being or that of your children, they will be one of the first to be able to help you when you need it most.